7 Maintenance Tips Everyone should use for Steel Furniture to last longer.


Look around your home, you most probably have some steel pieces somewhere as part of your furniture, artwork, kitchen sinks, splashbacks and so on. Maintaining steel can be tricky as it can be affected by both air and moisture. Without taking a deeper dive into this topic here are 7 Handy Tips and Tricks for your steel furniture pieces to last longer and looking the best.

  1. Regularly dust and wipe down the steel with a clean, soft polishing cloth. Avoid abrasive / scouring cloths as this will dull and scratch the surface over time. Once the surface is exposed due to scratches oxygen then starts to react with the metal resulting in rust. Rust will significantly weaken the structure and integrity of steel.


  1. When wiping down the surface use straight back and forth movement instead of circles to maintain a uniform appearance and shine. This will contribute to loss of lustre.


  1. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is using corrosive products to clean stainless steel or steel in general. Avoid use of the following chemicals on your steel:
  • Chloride cleaners
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Chloride bleach

Instead use warm water and mild soap, rinse off wipe dry and air dry making sure all moisture has been removed. Keeping your steel dry will eliminate corrosion risks’


  1. With time furniture also ages naturally but can be restored. If you wish to restore to its original look, we encourage using an appropriate metal cleaner. Things to look out for when it comes to metal cleaner is that they should be non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable to sustain our environment. For the same reason avoid harsh chemicals on steel furniture pieces.


  1. To remove marks and preventing and fingerprint marks on stainless steel we recommend using an oil-based products like baby oil. Helps a great deal.


  1. Regularly clean your steel to avoid corrosive particles accumulating on surfaces which causes reaction with steel.


  1. Steel furniture is sturdy and can last you many years of enjoyment if you take care of it. Therefore, you can add life to your steel furniture by caring for each furniture piece appropriately with the right cleaning tools and techniques